A near-forgotten spectacle: The Chicago Bulls’ famous team entrances

One of the many icons of 1990s sports was the famed entrance of the Chicago Bulls. Featuring some of the NBA’s greatest players in their prime, the Bulls dominated the league throughout the latter half of the decade. Their entrance was one of anticipation, with children and adults alike waited in anticipation as the bombastic Ray Clay called out the names of the team’s starting lineup.

The litany of some of the world’s most famous athletes—Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Luc Longley, Ron Harper, and Michael Jordan (rapturous applause)—was accompanied by the now-famous theme, a simple yet powerful piece titled Sirius, originally recorded by The Alan Parson’s Project.

(Warning: I might be going full fanboy here. Seriously, who wouldn’t cheer for your home team and think its entrance as the best thing ever when one of them—your childhood hero, no less—helped win a game with a formidable opponent *while he was sick*.)

This crowd-pleasing introduction, simple in execution yet enthusiastic in its reception, has yet to be matched since. While the music and the announcements were epic on their own, it was the crowd’s adulation, merited by the performance of the lineup, which made it truly iconic. The Bulls knew how to make an entrance, and that appears to be the one thing that no other team has matched yet. Even the teams that had approached the number of records such as the Golden State Warriors didn’t have an entrance as iconic.

Today, the Chicago Bulls entrance, from its music to its bombastic roll call remains a fond memory unique to 1990s basketball. Champions may come and go, and their entrances may become lackluster, but the memories they leave behind will remain with us always.

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