Jonathan Bunge and Your Guide to Buying Curtains

All interior designers will say that curtains make a room. Owners tend to forget this crucial detail when they are decorating their homes. Window treatments extend far beyond just choosing a color and then going with it. There are so many factors that must be taken into consideration. To help with this choice, below are a few tips.

Color and fabric: Fabric is the most important factor when deciding on curtains. This is because the material will dictate how well the window treatment function and hold up over time. Curtains that are too heavy do not fold crisply when they are drawn, whereas too light ones typically do not fall well either. The tip is to hold fabrics up to a window (even in the fabric showroom), pleat it like an accordion at the top, and then letting it drape. If the fabric flares, it will not fall nicely on the window. Try working with samples that are at least two years to see the true drape. Remember that sunlight also causes fabrics to fade over time so avoid bright colors in an area that gets a lot of exposure.

Length: Decide how high above the window you want the curtain to begin. Panels placed higher than the window gives height to the room. Typically, interior designers choose to hang curtains about six inches above the window frame. Measure from the top of the window (plus whatever added inches you’d like) to the floor. Traditional lengths that have curtains puddled on the floor add two to three inches to your length.

Cleaning: Owners should be practical and determine whether they want to buy curtains that are washer machine friendly or meant for dry cleaning only. Keep in mind that high-quality curtains can be ruined if they are washed machine.

Owners can try to speak with their local interior designer for more tips.

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