Interior design: When to use warm light


Understanding the difference between warm and cool colors can help you decide color combinations more effectively. Learning how color temperature affects the mind can help you design color schemes that will work best for you.

Warm Lighting

Warm lighting feels more natural and cozy in the evenings. We perceive yellow and reddish light as warmer and bluish light as cooler, though they are actually the opposite. Warm lighting seems to relax us and help us wind down for a good night’s rest.

Warm light is perfect for the bedroom since that space is for relaxation. Use it in the living room at night, and you’ll get a cozier and inviting environment. Avoid using warm lighting though while working as it will signal your body that you’re about to wind down.

Colors on the color temperature scale from about 2700-3000k are tagged as warm colors. These are typically incandescent lamps with reddish or yellow whites.

Cool Lighting

Cool lighting helps us be alert and energetic. It is perfect during the day when you’re performing tasks. Cool lighting is also ideal for your home office and living room in the morning.

The bluer light scales 4100k in the color temperature range.

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