Home renovation: Getting your money’s worth

As an architect and interior designer, I always advise homeowners to prepare their resources if they’re planning on having a renovation. We only want the best for our homes, right? So to get your money’s worth, here are some of the things you should consider before deciding on renovating your home.

1. The budget: Renovating will cost you. It’s okay to put it off if the finances won’t allow it. But if you have set aside a budget, you can start renovating parts of your home. It doesn’t have to be the whole house in one go. What’s important is that you’ll have enough for other expenses.

2. The season: Some homeowners think that renovating toward the end of the year would be cheaper. Unless it’s an urgent need, renovations should be done during the dry seasons. Avoid scheduling during late winter and early spring as it might take longer than you expect. When you schedule during the summer or fall, workers will spend less time repairing your home, and you’ll have less time thinking about it.

3. The materials.: Don’t ever settle for cheap and unsustainable materials. It might cause more harm than good. To make sure you get only the best for your home, communicate with your contractor before buying. He or she will give you eco-friendly and budget-friendly options that will be right for your home.

Home renovations don’t have to be stressful. Sure, you and the rest of the household would have to adjust a bit, but when everything is going as planned, it will be worth it.

I’m Jonathan Bunge from Chicago, Illinois. Follow my updates on Facebook for more home improvement tips.

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