Jonathan Bunge Architectural and Design Services

Jonathan Bunge Design + Build started in 2005 with the goal of making bold and beautiful design concepts available to the California public. What once seemed like a distant dream tucked away in the four corners of Jonathan’s apartment in Los Angeles has now become a tangible reality with only bigger and more daring projects in the pipeline.

Currently, the firm is composed of a small but formidable team of professionals who collectively have more than three decades of experience in the industry.

Some of the services that Jonathan Bunge Design + Build offer:


One of our core services; our homes and structures are built on strong foundations. From schematic design to development, nothing excites us more than getting creative with an empty lot, to which we liken as a blank canvas waiting to be painted on with shapes.

Interior Design

Our approach to interior design is simple—maximize space down to the last square meter while making it as functional as possible. We get to know our clients, their requirements and subtle preferences and incorporate these into the design.

Urban Design

While urban planning is an interdisciplinary field, we have worked with some of the best engineers in the country to design sustainable urban areas. Beyond homes and buildings, we can equally focus on the bigger picture and translate our artistic vision to whole neighborhoods and districts.

Space Planning

Too much or too little space can be problematic, hinting at a lack of utilization or organization. As masters of space, we know how to control movement and create experiences that will change the way you think about people and culture.

Contact Jonathan Bunge Design + Build

Do you have a project for Jonathan Bunge? Let us know what you need; we’d be more than glad to hear from you. As part of our commitment to making architecture and interior design accessible to those who need it, we offer free consultations. This is also our way of starting on a positive note with our valued clients.

Let’s sit down and have fun with endless design possibilities! We don’t ask for your commitment in our consultations, just your openness to beauty and creativity.

For inquiries about Jonathan Bunge Design + Build, please do not hesitate to contact us today! Kindly visit this page again for more information on how to reach us or how to set an appointment for a free consultation.