Welcome to Jonathan Bunge Design + Build

Jonathan Bunge is an architect and interior designer on a mission to bring to life his bold and innovative spatial and material ideas. Whether he is working on residential, commercial, or mixed-use spaces, Jonathan always strives to invent new forms and building methods that translate into a higher and more sophisticated quality of living for his clients.

An architect by training, Jonathan’s distinct creativity led him to pursue interior design and eventually, master planning. More than buildings or structures, his work, which can be found in many of California’s biggest cities, is a testament to the grand possibilities of urban renewal.

Forward-looking with an insatiable curiosity, Jonathan is heavily influenced by his other senses—smell, touch, hearing—which he draws from to bring out the full potential of his craft. An ardent believer of harmony and balance, light, shapes, space—equally important elements of design—are all well-represented in his work.

Why Jonathan Bunge Design + Build

While there are a lot of talented new architects and designers, few can capture the imagination as well as Jonathan Bunge. While many are quick to promise innovation in their solutions, Jonathan would rather let his work do the talking.

Passion for Design

Marrying the essence of the past, present, and future is by no means an easy task, but with heart and passion, this is no design challenge that Jonathan will shy away from. Always ready to work and collaborate for the love of his craft, Jonathan is no stranger to the Greek meaning of passion—which is to suffer—all in the name of growth.

Attention to Detail

Visionaries can get lost in the details but Jonathan is careful to give them their due attention. By tackling the project from the inside out, room to room, and floor to floor, he becomes an integral part of the whole, where he can deconstruct and re-imagine experiences to give them purpose.

Conceptual Architecture

Jonathan’s timeless design principles provoke thought and contemplation. Where architecture can easily add beauty to a location, Jonathan goes further and pushes his work to create a loud narrative about people as well as culture.

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